Foodstuff, pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, maritime, machine construction
    Hygienic DESIGN
    Smooth surface, easy cleaning, acc. to EC No. 852/2004

    Hygienic USIT®

    Germ-free, cavity-free, safe cleanliness acc. to EHEDG, 3A, USDA
  • Cap nut with collar for Hygienic USIT®

    High-gloss polished surface, optimally matched to sealing and shim washer and therefore cavity-free, germ-free, safe cleanliness acc. to EHEDG, 3A and USDA.
  • Hex head screw for Hygienic USIT®

    Almost zero dirt particle adhesion due to the high quality finish and high-gloss surfaces.
  • Sealing and shim washer Hygienic USIT®

    Unique metallic flat seals for static sealing of screw points. The cavity-free and germ-free sealing acc. to EHEDG, 3A and USDA is only ensured when used together with the HU screws and HU nuts.
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For sensitive surfaces
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