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Patented Hygienic USIT®-components revolutionise hygiene critical production sectors
Special Hygienic USIT® narrow shaft screws for use in hygienically sensitive areas are an innovation in processing technology. These components from NovoNox KG, fitted with the Freudenberg seal and shim washers ensure high hygienic requirements and substantially ease cleaning processes. For even more security, the company has now introduced an expansion of the patented Hygienic USIT® line to the market.
New system irons out vulnerabilities
According to the Machinery Directive (MD), fastenings on machines must be captive. To reliably counteract contaminations with germs and bacteria in hygienically sensitive production sectors, the components used must also be tightly sealed and have a smooth surface. To meet the high demands of hygienic standards and the requirement to make the cleaning process easier and more efficient, NovoNox, in cooperation with Freudenberg Sealing Technologies have developed a patented narrow shaft screw according to Hygienic USIT®.
With resounding success: The innovative NovoNox system that is rounded, bevelled, has a low head height and possesses a collar to match the Hygienic USIT® washer forms an absolutely tight seal and is therefore resistant to contaminants. The cleaning process is also simplified and the shaving-free captive requirement is achieved. The removal or exchange of damaged washers is also no problem as the washer can be simply screwed off over the screw thread: clean, quick and shaving-free.
Conventional systems are inadequate
Conventional fastener systems do not achieve this. Screws can be made captive by securing them to the machine body with a retaining cable. But, such a solution for machines in hygienic critical production areas is unthinkable. The result is that the ruptures and too many cavities prevent easy and thorough cleaning. By cleaning processes such as CIP (Cleaning in Place), SIP (Sterilisation in Place) or WIP (Wash in Place), such criteria are not to be thought of.
The components available up until now on the market have other properties that are unsatisfactory for use in hygienically critical sectors. The EU regulations can be realised using these, i.e. by turning the shafts of standard screws to smaller diameter so that a sealing washer can be fitted. This is possible by using a bevelled washer that can be slipped over the shaft. However, the washer is so deformed by the tightening pressure that it can no longer be removed from the screw without destroying it or damaging, or even destroying the screw itself, which produces unwanted shavings and swarf.
Problem - Seal tightness and captivity
Another problem is plate cladding that is only inadequately layered on the machine body. As the retaining washers act as spacers, a gap is formed between the cladding and the machine. Using sealing strips or gaskets here does not solve the problem as, due to the resulting stresses the plate, especially thin plate, could undulate. Spillages of milk, pulp, beverages, cleaners or water from rinsing could seep into these gaps and reach the internal fastenings. The result is dangerous contaminations.
These type of risks are averted with the new safety components. The system guarantees absolute seal tightness and gas no cavities. Simultaneously, the required captivity is taken into account. The mainstay here are vulcanised wedge segments of EPDM that are in the internal diameter of the integrated washer. When pushed over the screw thread, these wedge segments are forced outwards. When the washer reaches the narrow shaft these wedges return to their original position. The sealing washer and captive elements now lay 100% centred on the narrow shaft.
More safety and choice
Since the launch, the previous Hygienic USIT® range has enjoyed increased demand. With this new system and the expansion of screwhead types including high heads, ball heads, low heads and ball heads with securing notches, the customer now has far more choice. Functional criteria, space requirements or safety aspects: The current expansion of the Hygienic USIT® range gives users a wider choice of weapons in the battle against germs and particles and places them on the winning side in hygiene critical production sectors.
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