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Smooth Is Not Always Smooth
The special screws and the cap nuts >>2 are fully polished to a high gloss. A special polishing process was developed for this purpose. As recently as a few years ago one had to count on the skill and the intuition of the particular employee when it came to polishing. Today this is unthinkable in terms of the cost involved. The challenge here was to produce a uniform result mechanically and above all automatically. Moreover, the dimensional accuracy of he parts had to be guaranteed in order to prevent profile defects absolutely. It was obvious right from the start that this had to be accomplished in several stages. Various compositions combined with empirically ascertained process times and temperatures finally delivered a useable polishing surface.
The mean surface roughness of RA 0.8 μm required by EHEDG is exceeded with this polishing process by far. Depending on the measuring method and measuring point, it is even possible to achieve a roughness value of RA 0.04 μm. The manufacturing process for the screws and nuts and the polishing process devised are protected by patents. Cleaning is done with ease thanks to the polished surface and the rounded coirners and edges. Dirt cannot stick and where nothing sticks, nothing can germinate either. The objective of preventing cavities in screw holes altogether and being able to clean the screw hole as easily as possible and to keep it germ-free was was achieved with these measures. The capability of any germs or cleaning agents accumulating must be precluded. It is in this context that a sealing and connecting component that is virtually 100% hygienic and cavity-free was first created.
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