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Annual meeting of the German EHEDG regional groups

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Annual meeting of the German

EHEDG regional group
At this meeting, Mr Jürgen Leuze from NovoNox gave a report about the implementation and design of hygienic screw connections.
The demands:
Stringent regulations and guidelines apply to the foodstuff industries and the pharmaceutical and medical technologies. After all, it does concern peoples most valuable possession, their health. Extreme demands are made on people, machines and components to meet these requirements.
Product remains or cleaner residues must not be allowed to seep under the fasteners or components. This leads to a contamination of the fastening point and further contamination of the product cannot be ruled out. Any type of soiling can not be allowed to occur in concealment. Dirt can only be allowed to accumulate on the component surface, it must be easy to recognise and, above all be easy to remove completely.
This means that normal standard screws are an absolute No-Go in hygienically sensitive areas. The screw head alone, with its grooves, notches and eruptions offers many cavities where residues can collect. But the most important part is the sealing area. This must be resistant to pressure, resistant to a multitude of chemical compounds, be repeatedly usable and naturally, absolutely tight and easy to clean.
The problems of using normal fasteners, and the risks this brings to hygienically sensitive areas are clearly shown. By comparing these with the proven screw and sealing systems of Hygienic USIT® in cooperation with Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, the immense advantages can be clearly seen.
Of extreme interest is the newest scientific findings of the Bavarian Regional Office for Agriculture LfL, in the Training, Research and Proficiency Centre for the Dairy Industry in Kempten. By testing the bacteria density on the Hygienic USIT the LfL reported a very high practice value and was enthusiastically accepted by all participants. According to these tests, the absolute sealing tightness of the hygienic screw connection has been clearly proven.
In addition, a 2015 study by the Fraunhofer IPA attested to the easy and, above all efficient cleaning of the special screw head. The screw and sealing system of the Hygienic USIT® products were shown to be almost 100% sterile after cleaning.
At this point we would like to expressly thank Mr Martin Barnickel, Graduate Engineer at the LfL (Bavarian Regional Office for Agriculture). We would also like to thank Mrs Gabriela Baum and Mr Markus Keller from the Fraunhofer IPA, who kindly supplied us with their knowledge in the form of diagrams.
 Dichtheitstest-Bakteriendichtheit-der-LfL-Kempten 525 kB
In cooperation with Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, NovoNox now offers a unique range of practice orientated solutions. And the product range is continuously being expanded.
Your advantages::
• Years of experience with INOX components
• Competence in the use of components in hygienically sensitive areas
• Innovations and customer specific solutions
• Certified to conform with EHEDG, USDA, 3A and FDA
• Products that support the compliance with hygienic regulations
• Easy and efficient cleaning of the components and fasteners
• Considerable reduction of the time required for cleaning and maintenance
• Optimal visual appearance for the auditing process
• Satisfied end users
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