Our promise: INOX for all circumstances.
    We know your markets and requirements.
    We understand what it is all about.
    Especially when it is highly sensitive.
  • FOOD
    Hygiene is paramount, perfect production conditions are the requirement.

    Our INOX components - suitable for direct food contact.

    Fleet logistics, fast parts delivery inclusive.
    NovoNox also offers products suitable for tough operating conditions, with resistance to acids, chemicals and sea water.

    Use our know-how for the correct component at the correct location.
  • Rely on NovoNox.

    Here you can find high quality solutions for cleanroom and vacuum applications. After all this concerns human beings and health.
    If your manufacturing or products should be fit for areas in which use of stainless steel is significant, then INOX components are the excellent choice.

    Due to the diversity of our product range and the number of variants available from stock, installation of our premium products pays off every time.
Bacteria impermeability
Bacteria impermeability of the Hygienic USIT® screw and sealing system
The result attests that the Hygienic USIT® screw and sealing system seals absolutely.more...
For sensitive surfaces
For sensitive surfaces
Special tools for fastening elements in the Hygienic rangemore...
EHEDG groups meeting
Annual meeting of the German EHEDG regional groups
At this meeting, Mr Jürgen Leuze gave a report about the implementation and design of hygienic screw connections.more...
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